I’ve been to the Maldives twice now, and there’s definitely few suggestions I would highly recommend.

1. Bring a underwater camera or gopro! it’s totally worth it! you can take lots of pictures of house reefs, fishes and even turtles,sharks and etc. My suggestion for underwater camera is the Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera. It is small and easy to use.


2. Don’t forget your water shoes!! its really important! My husband forgot to bring his shoes the first time and we ended up spending $120 on a pair. Since there is no transportation anywhere out of the island, they mark up the prices of everything by 300%


3. You should check if your resort has free equipment rental (snorkeling mask, fins, and the mouth piece). if its included then you dont have to worry. but some resorts do not and they usually charge like a $7-10 dollar rental fee per day. If thats the case, depending on how long your trip is but I suggest getting the set off amazon or ebay. usually they have snorkeling sets for $20-30 bucks. Its more sanitary to have your own mouth piece and you can keep the set for all future trips too!


4. Do not buy any gifts in the resort. even handmade photo albums and etc.. they have the same type of gift shops that the airport for a fraction of the cost.


5. Bring sun hats!! the sun rays are strong!


6. Check out the spa and excursion deals as soon as you arrive. most resorts will have arrival deals.


7. Contact your resort regarding how they will be picking you up from the airport and make sure they know your schedule. whether its seaplane or boats its important they know exactly what time you arrive. My first time in the Maldives I had no idea what to expect when arriving. We spend a good 20 minutes looking for the resort counter and then wasted more time because our rep from the hotel was not present. Unless you spot your resort as soon as you arrive, I suggest asking people around for your resort counter. Saves you time! there is literally 100 counters….


8. Bring a universal adapter (the same ones you use when you travel to Europe). The outlets dont take the US wall chargers. bring the one with the two round dots. my pick: LOOP® Worldwide Travel Adapter


9. Eye drops! if you have sensitive eyes. Again anything you have to buy on the island is expensive… maybe tums advil etc.. just in case (or maybe its just me being a mom and why I always overpack haha)


10. Some dollar bills for tipping money. The staffs will do everything from carrying your luggage to escorting you everywhere. It’s always nice to show a little appreciation.


11. This is really obvious and silly… bring extra SPF and aloe. The sun is strong and you will burn if you don’t reapply often. Also bring enough shampoo, conditioner.. You will shower at least one or two times a day. (you can also bring sheet masks, pop them in the fridge and do masks with your hubby at night.  It will keep both of your skins hydrated and refreshed!)


12. You don’t need to bring any fancy heels.. Chances are everything is in the sand.. flip flops!! and also you dont need to bring too many fancy dresses (unless you want to do a photoshot). Just lots and lots of cover-ups and comfortable clothes


13. A cheap beach bag that you are not afraid to ruin. It does not have to be big but enough to put sunscreen, books and maybe goggles! Everything will feel salty by the end of your trip.. also bring a small cross body bag (enough to put chapstick, phone and room card) it will be easier to put all your personal items for when you go to dinner and bars at night.

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Thanks for reading! 🙂