1.        Backpack europe

2.       Hold a panda bear

3.        Be a early riser

4.        Be a master diver

5.        Stand in between two states at the same time

6.        Be fully drench in sweat

7.        Be someone’s mentor

8.        Become a wine expert

9.        Bungee jump

10.     Carry a snake

11.     Climb the Macchu Picchu

12.     Cut my hair really short

13.     Dance and kiss in the rain

14.     Do a cartwheel

15.     Have Roy appreciation day

16.     Drink wine and go on a wine tour in Italy

17.     Drive a right side driver car

18.     Drive the Oregon Trail

19.     Eat sushi in Kyoto

20.     Enjoy a romantic picnic during cherry blossom season in Washington DC

21.     Explore a rainforest

22.     Fly a kite

23.     Fly first class or business class to a different country

24.     Get matching tattoos with someone

25.     Get paid or go on a sponsored trip

26.     Go on a Africa safari tour

27.     Go to a black tie affair

28.     Go to a football game and use face paint

29.     Go to a masquerade ball

30.     Start a Youtube channel

31.     Go to Singapore and visit the famous rooftop infinity pool

32.     Go zorbing

33.     Have a college degree

34.     Enjoy a cup of butter beer in harry potter world

35.     Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop somewhere

36.     Have two children

37.     Horseback ride on the beach

38.     Go island hopping in Thailand

39.     Jump off a cliff into a body of water

40.    Visit the lantern festival

41.     Learn how to cook and cook a full meal for my love ones

42.     Learn how to play chess

43.     Learn how to play golf

44.     Meet a Korean pop star and be stars trucked

45.     Own a Birkin bag from Hermes

46.     Party in Ibiza

47.     Perform a kind deed to a stranger

48.     Pet a tiger

49.     Ride a mechanical bull

50.     Ride a motorcycle

51.     Enjoy a romantic kiss on the Eiffel tower

52.     Run 6 miles

53.     Run through a highway

54.     See a meteor shower

55.     See a solar eclipse

56.     Visit a volcano in Philippines

57.     See pyramids in Egypt

58.     See the antelope in Grand Canyon

59.     See the largest hot air balloon fest in New Mexico

60.     See the northern lights

61.     Shoot a gun

62.     Sit front row in a concert

63.     Skinny dip

64.     Skydive

65.     Sleep in a airport box.. spend overnight in one

66.     Spend overnight at the beach and starglaze

67.     Solve a Rubik’s cube

68.     Learn how to speak Cantonese

69.     Start a campfire or bonfire

70.     Start a YouTube channel

71.     Stay at a ice hotel

72.     Swim in the largest swimming pool in Algarrobas

73.     Swim with a manta ray

74.     Swim with dolphins

75.     Swim with sharks

76.     Tomato fight in Spain

77.     Visit a Brazilian carnival

78.     Visit a castle

79.     Visit a nude beach

80.     Visit a pearl farm in Tahiti

81.     Visit a sumo game in Japan

82.     Visit Australia

83.     Visit Barcelona and eat delicious food

84.     Visit Croatia

85.     Visit Guam

86.     Visit Japan during its Cherry Blossom season

87.     Visit London

88.     Visit new Zealand

89.     Visit Seychelles

90.     Visit the Tahiti islands

91.     Visit the Conrad hotel in the Maldives and have a meal in the underwater restaurant

92.     Visit the Galapagos island

93.     Visit the Golden Gate Bridge and driver that swerving road

94.     Visit the Greek islands in Greece

95.     Visit the top of the rock at Rockefeller and have Roy fake propose to me

96.     Volunteer in a different country

97.     Walk on the edge of CN tower

98.     Walk the Brooklyn bridge with Roy holding hands and be really romantic

99.     Walk the Great Wall of China without falling

100.  Watch a bull fight

101.  Visit Cinque Terre

102.  Visit capri

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